BuddyPages Changelog


  • Fixed: Load internationalization files earlier to ensure they are ready to be used
  • Added: Inline documentation link in Plugin list screen for our list item.
  • Updated: Minimum PHP required version to 5.6.


  • Fixed: Bug regarding “Allow Members to Create Pages” setting not being respected.
  • Updated: Removed legacy HelpScout integration and Google+ Social share link.


  • Fixed: Unintentionally missed merging of code related to “can edit” logic.
  • Updated: Translation files


  • Added: “Add New Page” link next to “Edit” link for more convenient adding of multiple pages at a time.
  • Added: Admin notice regarding using the frontend for creating BuddyPages when visiting the editor screen for any BuddyPages based posts.
  • Added: Integration with Pluginize’s free “BuddyPress Registration Options” plugin.
  • Fixed: PHP notices regarding trying to use a bool value as an array.
  • Fixed: Removed “Edit” link display for all users when viewing an “All users” generated page by an administrator.
  • Updated: Revised text on save button when editing an existin BuddyPages page. Should now say “Save page”.


  • Fixed: Prevent fatal errors if the bp_get_settings_slug function is not available.
  • Fixed: Removed early return for group pages that caused some page access issues.
  • Fixed: Updated internal Browser.php library to more recent version.


  • Fixed: Pencil icon issue for user profile pages when a draft.
  • Fixed: Addressed unintended display of draft pages to users who don’t own the page


  • Added: Filter for arguments used in group_get_groups function call.
  • Updated: Replaced all instances of global $bp with buddypress() function assignments.
  • Updated: Many details revolving around internationalization.
  • Fixed: Issue with the setting to allow all members to create pages. Only administrators should have been able to by default.
  • Fixed: Continued issues with shortcodes in BuddyPages.


  • Fixed: Remove PHP warnings around wp_kses() errors.
  • Fixed: Touched up styling around messages when no BuddyPages are created yet.
  • Fixed: Issues with shortcodes and the BuddyPages post editor.
  • Added: Div wrapper and classes around BuddyPages group output.


  • Initial release
Updated Dec 12, 2022 8:48 PM