Contributing back to Custom Post Type UI.

We at WebDevStudios love when users contribute back to any of our plugins, and Custom Post Type UI is definitely no exception. However, some may not know how they could contribute to the plugin. I would like to lay out some various methods that may pique your interest.

Translate Custom Post Type UI

If you are multi-lingual, we would love to have your help translating Custom Post Type UI into other languages besides English. You can see where we are at at the
Custom Post Type UI Language Pack status page. Many languages are only partially covered or not covered at all. If you are interested, let us know and we will contact the Polyglots team to get you authorized to translate the files.

Beta test

We test Custom Post Type UI as much as we can before a new major release, but we are going to fail in testing all possible scenarios and setups. Because of this, we are always in need of our actual users to help test newest upcoming versions. Whether it’s with a developer clone of an existing website, or a brand new install, testing things out and reporting what you find will help us create a much more solid release.

Help confirm reported bugs

Alongside helping beta test, just helping to confirm open reported bugs goes a long way. If you have coding skills, trying to solve the bug yourself and contributing back what you find helps us resolve bugs quicker and put the best solution out there. If we accept your contributions, which we try to as much as possible, we even give you credit in the readme file for that change. Your name will be there for all to see. 

Rate Custom Post Type UI

Did you know that you can rate plugins in the plugin repo? We love seeing reviews come in for Custom Post Type UI, whether good or bad. We do keep an eye on them and they let us know what we are doing well and what we may not be doing so well on. When we are not doing so well, we evaluate why and work hard to amend the presented issues. Leaving your own feedback can help with that and help us make sure we are consistently presenting the best product we can.


Last contribution method I want to cover is promoting Custom Post Type UI. If you have had good experiences, promote Custom Post Type UI to your friends and colleagues. Blog about how you utilized Custom Post Type UI to solve problems you faced, and what you did to reach a solution. Perhaps give a talk about the plugin at a local meetup. Any way you can to spread word about our plugin helps promote it and let more people know about it.

Updated Dec 12, 2022 8:57 PM