EDD Product Support Introduction

This extension gives you the ability to provide easy and painless product support via 
BuddyPress or bbPress.

When you create or edit a product you’re given the option to associate the product with a discussion group (in BuddyPress) or forum (in bbPress). The extension can automatically create a new group or forum and can even create the first discussion topic (based on plugin settings). When a user buys a product they will automatically be granted access to the necessary support forum.


Either BuddyPress with User Groups and Discussion Forums enabled 
OR bbPress.


  1. Purchase and download the plugin ZIP file from: https://pluginize.com/product/edd-product-support-add-on/
  2. Upload the plugin to your ‘plugins’ directory via FTP or within WordPress via Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  3. Activate it on the Plugins page in WordPress.
  4. NOTE: You will also need to install either bbPress or BuddyPress (with User Groups and Discussion Forums enabled)


Downloads > Settings > Misc > Product Support  you can configure the default topic.


When creating or editing a product, you will find a new metabox labeled Product Support in the right-hand sidebar. Within this metabox you can optionally enable support for the product and select an existing group/forum or create a new one. If creating a new group/forum you can also optionally create the first discussion topic (based on the plugin settings in 
Downloads > Settings > Misc > Product Support). This first discussion topic will be made sticky and also locked so that it always appears at the top and is not open to discussion by users.

If you’re using BuddyPress integration, when a user purchases any product(s) that has support enabled they will automatically be added to all associated groups. If you’re using bbPress integration users will automatically gain access to ALL support forums (as this is the intended behavior of bbPress). If you prefer users to only access forums for their purchased products we recommend using BuddyPress.