Managing and viewing network-level post types and taxonomies

Creating and managing items

Managing network-level post types and taxonomies is going to be a very familiar process. It is almost exactly the same steps as you are already used to, but is done from the network admin for your multisite installation.

To get started with a network-level item do the following steps:

  1. Click “My Sites” in the admin bar
  2. Hover over “Network Admin” and then click “Dashboard” in the right side menu.
  3. In the side menu on the Network Admin Dashboard, hover on “CPTUI Extended and choose either “Add/Edit Post Types” or “Add/Edit Taxonomies”.
  4. Fill in fields as desired like you have done before and hit save.

Viewing existing items

Getting an overall view of what network-level post types and taxonomies you have registered is also going to be a familiar experience to a single-site install. Below the “Add/Edit” menu items in the CPTUI Extended admin menu is the “Registered Types/Taxes” and it behaves the same way. This time, however, it’s going to show just the network-level types and taxonomies.

Updated Dec 12, 2022 8:44 PM