Setting InstaGo URLs

Methods to set the URL to send users to with the dynamic URL

There are two different types of URLs to send a user to. Internal redirect, and external redirect. Internal redirects are posts or pages within you WordPress installation, and external redirects are destinations outside of your WordPress install.

Internal redirect

For the internal redirect specifically, you can set the value in two places.

First is on the settings page. There will be an input that will dynamically search for a post or a page after a certain amount of characters have been typed. Once a value is chosen, it will be saved to the option.

Second method to set a value is to edit the specific post or page you wish to set. There will be a “InstaGo Redirect” metabox along the right side of the screen that offers a single checkbox. Checking the checkbox will set the value of the settings page, so it will be global. Checking the same checkbox on a different post or page will provide the same behavior, and the first checkbox will thus be unchecked. There will only be one value to redirect to at any given time.

External redirect

The settings page is the only place to set an external redirect value. The setting is a standard text file that you can paste an entire URL into.

Order of priority

Provided values are important. Specifically, if any internal page is provided at all, that will be the value the user is redirected to. If only an external URL is provided, then that value will be redirected to.

Updated Dec 12, 2022 9:02 PM