WP Search with Algolia Pro Behind The Scenes

Accurate for version 1.2.0

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What all happens when you click “Save Changes” on the WooCommerce and SEO pages with WP Search with Algolia Pro?

First and perhaps most obvious, we save the options to the database, but there’s more.

We also push settings to your Algolia indexes with configuration changes. Depending on what settings you enabled, the next time you edit a product or do a bulk re-index, new attributes will be included with your products.


Enabling the Product SKU, Price, Sale Price, Short description, total sales, and product rating all add those details to your product listings in Algolia. However, there’s a bit more that we do.

If you’ve included prices as part of what to index, we also add in your shop’s chosen currency symbol, along with a float version of your prices and a formatted version.

Total sales

Including total sales of a product can help with ranking by popularity, but total sales are also something you don’t want public. Because of that, we automatically set total sales as irretrievable. This way no one can poke at the right spots during a search and get your sales numbers.

After that, we push total sales to be a custom ranking value, in descending order.

We also listen to your store and monitor when new sales occur. When you get a new product sale, we will do a sync for the product and update the total sales information in Algolia.

Product rating

Product ratings can be used for filtering and faceting, allowing for users to specify a minimum value to show. Both total ratings and average rating get indexed


We believe that you should be able to provide a SKU value and if there’s a match, that should be the only result shown. To achieve that, we disable typo tolerance for SKUs in the Algolia settings.

Searchable attributes

Attributes need to be searchable if you want them to be considered during a given search query. So we make sure to add the SKU and short description attributes to the searchable attributes list, both with unordered settings.

Product only indexing

Out of box, any post type that’s considered as searchable gets pushed into the searchable posts index within Algolia. Now you can choose to limit the searchable posts to be just product post type and only those posts will be indexed.

No Index settings

Out of box, we have a small metabox that we add to post editor screens that you can use to toggle whether or not that post should be indexed. If you check the checkbox and click publish/update for the post, that post should no longer be listed in Algolia

If you are using an SEO plugin and making use of their own noindex settings for your content, we will respect that and remove from the Algolia index as well.

Current supported SEO Plugins:

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