Custom Post Type UI Extended Block

Starting with version 1.7.0, Custom Post Type UI Extended formally moved in to the block era for WordPress.

Initial version of the block included a small set of attributes for just the “Default” layout. With the following release, version 1.8.0, more of the attributes were added to the “Default” layout, while also beginning the “List” layout and including a completed “Single Post Type” layout option.

With each subsequent release, we will continue adding more layouts, continuing started layouts, and finishing them as well. This process will continue until we have all available options completed for each available layout.

Post Type

Field used to choose the post type to act on.


Field used to choose which layout to use.

Customized templates should not be affected and still used as expected.


Title to show above the layout of the chosen block.

Available Layouts

Current as of version 1.8.0



  • Posts per page
  • Featured image toggle
  • Order selection: Ascending and descending
  • Order By selection: Post Date, Post Title, Post ID

Read more at the default layout page.



  • Excerpt toggle
  • List type selection: Unordered, ordered
  • Posts per page

Read more at the list layout page.

Single Post Type


  • Featured image toggle
  • Post selection: Available posts in the chosen post type

Read more at the single post type layout page.

Global attributes

Shortcode ID

Automatically generated and read only. This value gets used with pagination, where available.

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